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About Sulem Urbina 

Sulem was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, in July 1990. Sulem was brought from Mexico by her parents to provide a better quality of life. At the age of five, she began calling Phoenix, Arizona, her new home. When Urbina turned 10, her two older brothers introduced her to boxing. Coming from a Mexican family, her mother did not approve of her participation in boxing, so she took her out of the gym. Her two older brothers were still in boxing, so she was always in the boxing environment.

At age 16 he took the initiative to box despite her mother's disapproval. March 2007, Sulem tied her gloves and never took them off again.

Because Urbina was undocumented, he was never able to compete in any national high-ranking tournament. In 2009, she left all her loved ones and returning to the land where she was born, Mexico. She won her place in the National Team and competed in her first international competition in Brasilia, Brazil. In 2010, she was able to return home and became a US resident. 

In 2013, after the unexpected death of her brother and fellow boxing teammate, Alexis Urbina, she vowed to continue boxing for him. Urbina left her family once again to pursue an Olympic dream that she and her brother had together.

Sulem represented Mexico as the # 1 athlete at 112 pounds for the 2014-2016 Olympic cycle. She won numerous international tournaments, including silver in the Central American and Caribbean Games and qualified for the Pan American Games. She attended the qualifier of the Americas for the Olympic Games, but did not reach the qualification for RIO 2016.

Not qualifying did not stop her. Now Sulem Urbina is a professional boxer with a total of 9 wins no loses and her next goal is to become a world champion.

Sulem dedicates all her victories to her brother Alexis.

"This is for you Alexis "

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